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Office Romance Guidelines to Maintain Corporate Culture This Valentines Day

Office Romance Guidelines to Maintain Corporate Culture This Valentines DayIn the month of February, it feels like love is all around. This just might be because February is the home of Valentines Day, the one day of the year put aside to appreciate your special someone. Along the way youre also expected to buy flowers, chocolates, and probably even one of those little teddy bears holding a heart. Though some people might consider Valentines Day a commercial holiday, it can still inspire cupid to strike in your schreibstube.If some of your employees were hit with cupids arrow, an sekretariat romance might be right around the next cubicle wall. But interbro love is tricky, especially when it comes to maintaining your hard-won corporate culture.Today your cubicle lovebirds might be saying Im yours, but tomorrow they might be arguing loudly in the break room. Now the rest of your staff feels awkward and your corporate culture has taken a real hit.Love is complicated at the best of times . In the office, it can be downright impossible to navigate. Still, dont think office romance cant happen in your corporate culture. According to a survey by CareerBuilder, 38 percent of workers have had a least one office dalliance.Should You Ban Office Romance?Since a love gone wrong can negatively impact your corporate culture, you might be considering banning office romance altogether. This might not be such a great idea.Employees rarely enjoy working in environments with too many rules, and especially dont appreciate working for companies that seemingly evaluate their personal lives.You might find your lovebirds going the Romeo and Juliet route and lying about their relationship.In fact, sometimes office romance can have a fairytale ending. According to the same survey, 31 percent of responders said their office love story ended in wedding bells. And who wants to deny true love?Your office shouldnt double as a dating service, but if romance happens on the job, it might be best to implement policies to mitigate the effect on your organizational culture, instead of cracking down on these relationships.Be Clear About The RulesYou want to protect the organizational culture youve spent hard work developing and maintaining. The best way to protect yourself against the bite of a love bug is to have clear rules in place for workers embarking on an office relationship.You went to a lot of trouble hiring great people, connecting with them in the video interview, and training them into great workers. You dont want to lose top talent because your rules on romance in the workplace arent clearly codified.You want to make sure your company avoids any hints of sexual harassment, which is why having clear guidelines is so important. You might want to implement rules against employees dating superiors in their own department, for instance.Youll want to make sure any relationship in the workplace doesnt affect the actual work being performed or an employees chances of advan cement. These policies should be clear for all workers, and you should stress their function to protect employees against sexual harassment and favoritism.Discourage PDAPDA, or public anzeige of affection, has no place in the workplace. Theres no way to ruin your organizational culture faster than make-outs in the break room. While you have clear policies to guard your company against sexual harassment, you should also have equally clear policies about what is and isnt appropriate workplace behavior.Remind workers just because theyve been struck with cupids arrow doesnt mean professional decorum should fly out the window. Suggest employees focus on their job and leave their affectionate displays for off-work hours in order to protect your organizational culture for those not interested in getting an eyeful.Sign a Love ContractIn NBCs hit sitcom The Office, manager Michael Scott ends up signing a love contract with paramour Jan to ensure their romantic relationship wont impact their work relationship. Because its a sitcom, the contract isnt all that effective, but this doesnt mean it cant work in your company.Having an informed consent policy might be a good idea for maintaining your organizational culture in the face of dating coworkers. This love contract would state your workers know and understand the companys policy on sexual harassment. The contract would work as an assurance dating employees understand the office rules before turning the first page in their love story.Office romance might be messy, but if you want to ensure your corporate culture stays positive, youll want to address the issue head-on.What are some ways you deal with office romance and still maintain your corporate culture? Share in the commentsImage courtesy of Flickr Photo by Ron Doke

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Present a Plan in Second-Round Job Interviews

Present a Plan in Second-Round Job InterviewsPresent a Plan in Second-Round Job InterviewsWhat will impress them enough to use your job interview as the new standard?As I coach candidates on job search and interview tactics globally, I admit that there is a bit of a science to nailing the second-round interview. If you have the proper formula, you may be the only candidate to make a lasting impression that the company will not soon forgetChances are good that if youre being invited back for a second round of interviews, then youve made a good initial impression and have something that they want. That said, besides charisma and all of the right answers to their questions, what will you bring to the interview that will impress them enough to use your interview as the standard against which to grade all other candidates?Answer Your 60/90-Day Strategic Plan.During your first interview, you probably heard all about the pain points that are driving the hiring manager crazy. This includes p roject deadlines, technology initiatives, budgets, client visits (if youre in sales), revenue goals and so on. Additionally, you may have noticed that they never seem to have enough people on staffIf youve asked the right questions in your first round of interviews, and you are truly excited about this potential opportunity, then you should have a pretty good idea as to what you will need to do to be successful in this role. You should be able to identify at least a 60/90-day strategic plan, based upon your knowledge of the role as it is today.If used carefully and properly, your strategic plan can be The Difference Maker for you in your second round of the interview process.There are three primary factors that will demonstrate your value proposition and could, ultimately, drive your success in a new, potential roleHave a vision/overview of the jobEstablish trust with clients and colleaguesBeing ready to identify and set goals and objectivesLets go into each of these in depth.Vision /OverviewBased upon what you have heard in the interview, you should know the vision/overview of the department or company. What impact will you make within your first 60/90 days that can be tied back to the company reaching its goals?Consider the following when drafting your planKnow the Product Establish a working knowledge of products or services to create long-term value in your employment.Be Credible Become a leader among your peers by spearheading initiatives, collaborating with the leadership team or presenting new ideas to your department.Establishing Trust with Clients and ColleaguesEstablishing trust is essential for success in any role. What will you do to establish a high degree of trust within your piece of the company or amongst your peers?Consider the following when drafting your planMake Introductions- Meet with key stakeholders in the company or department. This is beneficial on all fronts. It offers an opportunity for you to demonstrate your skills, but also allo ws you to get their perspectives on the company and projects.Share Expectations Understand the leadership teams expectations. This is paramount to your success. Investigate revenue objectives, if possible, to set your personal goals. Think about setting best practices that may be beneficial to the company and your role. This will include understanding client needs and identifying what may have been learned from any mistakes along the way.Create Buy-In and Set Priorities Identify how you will partner with the leadership team to create attainable goals for success. Fully understand the company mission statement and be able to share it with others. This represents a degree of commitment and clarity on the corporate goals.Goals and ObjectivesSetting goals and objectives is simply good business practice. You need to fully understand your new role in order to be successful, and you must approach it as a business. In doing so, its critical that you identify your personal goals and object ives for success in this new capacity.Consider the following when drafting your planDetermine the Objectives Educate yourself daily on a new aspect of the company, the expectations or the job. Establish product expertise within the first 30 days of employment. Build cross-departmental relationships with departments that are responsible for supporting your success.Shape a Methodology Identify the steps that you will take to accomplish your objectives. For every objective that is listed, you should have a supporting methodology for the accomplishment.Reflect on Success Identify how you will evaluate or measure the success of your contributions.Setting yourself apart from the rest of the candidates is mission critical to having a lasting impact on the person or team that is interviewing you.No doubt, youve heard the phrase raise the bar. My perspective is that the candidate before and after you can raise the bar all they want. By entering into the second round interview prepared wit h a 60/90-Day Strategic Plan, you are sure to launch yourself over any bar that is set before you

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4 Ways to Manage Conflict in the Office

4 Ways to Manage Conflict in the Office4 Ways to Manage Conflict in the OfficeGuidelines on how to resolve conflict when youre the new guy in the office.Congratulations are in order You got yourself a wonderful new job Youve completed your on-boarding, have a good feel for whats needed and an even better feel for whats expected of you. Whats more, you are already exerting a positive influence.But wait. Conflict and drama alert.Examples of conflict rearing its head early in a job includeSomeone just said something, and you find yourself rolling your eyes in verschlimmerung and impatience.You just said something, and someone got surprisingly argumentative and demeaning.Someone else spoke, and several others shut down and started drifting away.Having witnessed this all before, you too, are starting to think about giving up and going home.Itd be okay if this were a one-time occurrence. But its not - its happening increasingly. And you see how its affecting you Your brains gone numb. You r mood has soured. Youve stopped reaching out to brainstorm and collaborate. Youre guarded and on edge, less engaged, more inflexible. None of this is good.You must figure out how to deal with all of this. Its time - as Craig E. Runde and Tim A. Flanagan, authors of Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader, say - for you to become more personally competent in dealing with all of this conflict.Conflict like this can make or break a career. Thats why I decided to get certified and provide advice on how to react in unterstellung situations. (Note The information here is used with permission from The Center for Conflict Dynamics.)How to be conflict competentTo become more conflict competent, you need a real grasp of the following three factors1. Constructive responsesBehaviors that keep conflict to a minimum2. Destructive responsesBehaviors that escalate, or prolong conflict3. Hot buttonsThose irritations and annoyances that provoke you into conflict and trigger you into reacting in confl ict incompetent waysThe Conflict Dynamics Profile, an assessment that specifically deals with conflict behaviors in the workplace, illustratesConstructive responses are task focused, while destructive ones focus on personalities. And all conflict begins with a precipitating event, frequently in which a participants hot buttons are pushed.It happens in an instant. Someone says or does something - intentionally or otherwise - that, as Runde and Flanagan say, causes us to believe that their interests, goals, principles or feelings are incompatible with, and threatening to, our own.More viscerally, were flooded with emotions anger, fear and frustration. Our fight/flight instinct kicks in with an immediacy and intensity that quickly overwhelms. Were out of our game, wanting to lash out, or go run and hide or both. In other words, weve been triggered.Its important to realize that becoming more conflict competent is an iterative process. Youll do well for a while, and then you wont youl l start improving again, and then youll slip. The following haikus really say it allI got a new job / The people are really great / Except when theyre not.I cannot change them/ I can only change myself / so I must now change.Adrenaline rush / Undeniable tension / I have been triggered.Hot buttons cooling / Triggers all under control / Except when theyre not.So, to decrease the impact of your missteps, take the following advice to heart1. Make a U-turn.If you get triggered into taking a conversation somewhere you didnt intend to go, stop, turn around and go in a different direction. Sometimes even a GPS knows that the best move is to make a U-turn when possible.2. Apologize as soon as you say it.If you get triggered into saying something you regret, apologize right then and there. A well-timed, well-intentioned apology is not a sign of weakness - its a sign of respect, regard, clarity and executive civility.3. Pause.As soon as you realize youve been triggered, pause and before sayin g another word, let your adrenaline surge and silently dissipate. Soothe with a benign smile.4. Anticipate and reward.If you know youre going to be in a stressful, trigger-happy environment, do something decidedly pleasing for yourself beforehand, as were naturally more composed and trigger-resistant when were fully rested and recharged.With practice and persistence, it will become easier to stay poised in the moment and not let your hot buttons control you.From there, you can start focusing on how best to maximize your constructive responses to conflict while further minimizing the destructive ones.

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This Trick Will Make Your Résumé Stand Out

This Trick Will Make Your Rsum Stand OutThis Trick Will Make Your Rsum Stand OutWhen crafting a rsum, perhaps the most important thing you should do is aim to differentiate yourself from other job applicants. After all, the ultimate goal is to make your rsum stand out to recruiters, enough so that they reach out to you individually. So, how can you make your rsum stand out? We have a trick youve likely never considered.Although it can be tempting to distinguish your rsum by making it visually different from others (using an unusual font or adding extra plan elements), its best to stick to a traditional rsum format for most jobs. Visual discrepancies can actually work against you- unless youre applying for a creativeposition.That said, using a traditional rsum format can be limiting, making it hard to express your personality and work style, both of which can be major factors in a recruiters ultimate decision to hire you- or not.The solution? In your rsum, hyperlink to work youve crea ted to showcase not only examples of the caliber and kind of work you produce but also your writing voice and work style. For example, hyperlinking to reports, published articles, or graphic design samples will add another dimension to your rsum. This, in turn, will personalize you in the eyes of recruiters, who will associate you with producing high quality work of a certain schriftart. Furthermore, many job applicants dont link samples of their work to their rsums, so by doing so youll differentiate yourself from them and gain a competitive advantage.That said, be careful not to overwhelm your reader by including too many hyperlinks in your rsum- be selective and choose just a couple examples of your best work. And while youre at it, you may as well hyperlink your email address, to make it easier for the hiring manager to reach out to you directly.So now on to the technical part- how do you hyperlink a rsum? First, if youre applying to a position online, you should check whether t he application allows you to upload your rsum as a PDF. Unless the application requires you to submit a plain-text rsum, you should always submit your rsum as a PDF in order to preserve the formatting and links.Once your rsum PDF is ready, use a free tool such as PDFescape to link words on your rsum to their corresponding URLs. Leave the URLs themselves off the page, as they can appear clunky and take up valuable real estate on your rsum that could be delineating more of your accomplishments. Furthermore, if the hiring manager happens to print out your rsum, he or she is unlikely to type a URL out on the computer- so its best to just use hyperlinks, which will not appear when a rsum is printed out.Once youve added all the links you wish, save your rsum as a PDF with your first and last name, the name of the company youre applying to, followed by the word rsum, and voil Your rsum is ready for submission.

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7 Mindsets Successful People Embrace (to Become Even More Successful)

7 Mindsets Successful People Embrace (to Become Even More Successful)7 Mindsets Successful People Embrace (to Become Even More Successful)Its interesting to wonder why some people are more successful than others, especially if you yourself are aiming high.What do people like Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates have that feeds their ongoing excellence and propels them to the highest levels of success?The answers are complex, of course. But, that doesnt mean they cant be learned. Each of these successful people shares certain smart mindsets- mindsets that any one of us can emulate, that will do us good no matter what level of achievement we aspire to.Here are seven of the top examples1. They Dont Take Failure Too SeriouslySuccessful people see failure as the opportunity to begin again, but this time more intelligently. They know its not a defining event, and they dont treat it as a problem unless it begins to become a habit. They win as if they are used to it, and they lose as i f theyre enjoying the challenge.2. They Accept Who They Are and What They Are AboutIf you keep putting yourself down, there is no way for you to move forward. Successful people know the smartest mindset you can have is self-acceptance- refusing to be in an adversarial relationship with yourself.3. They Set Goals and Work to Achieve ThemHaving a dream is great, but having a dream and goals is smart, because goals are how dreams become achievable. The most successful people are constantly drumherum and working toward goals to make a positive difference. Goals turn the invisible visible they let you structure your thinking to always be looking for something you can do to bring you closer to what you want to achieve. They lead you to ask every day, What am I doing that will move me toward where I want to be and what I want to achieve? Successful people not only set goals, they set them high. And they dont stop until they reach them.4. They Dont Leave Things to ChanceInstead of passively hoping for the best, they take control to make things happen. You always have a choice You can control your mind, or you can let it control you. Refusing to leave things to chance shows inner strength, decisiveness, and a strong will. Incredible things happen when you decide to take control of what you can control, and let go of the rest.5. They Dont Let Themselves Get Sidetracked by ProblemsIf your perspective is negative, problems will grow in strength and constantly pull you down, sending your thoughts into some bad neighborhoods. On the other hand, with a positive mindset, you will think of problems as a reason to be creative and come up with innovative solutions. The biggest mistake is thinking of problems as problems. Successful people know that when you focus on problems, you make more of them, but when you focus on possibilities, you have more opportunities.6. They Are DecisiveThe most successful people are deft decision makers. They dont waffle or second-guess themselves. They take in the information they need, then clear out their mind and pick the best vorkaufsrecht based on what they know. If it turns out to be wrong, they learn from it. But they wont be guilty of not deciding at all.7. They Are Continually LearningIf you want to go far, borrow the mindset known in Zen Buddhism as shoshin, or learners mind. That means you dont pretend to know it all but are open to learning, growth, and development, with a mind thats fresh and enthusiastic and free of bias. Experience holds lessons for us all, but you have to remain teachable to take advantage of them.If youre serious about being successful, cultivate these smart mindsets and see where they take you.More From Inc.How to Change Your Mindset in One Word9 Ways Your Mindset Derails Your SuccessHow to Shift Your Mindset to Turn Challenges into Victory

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Golf as a Team Building Exercise - Even for Non-Golfers

Golf as a Team Building Exercise - Even for Non-GolfersGolf as a Team Building Exercise - Even for Non-GolfersIt is recommendedthat you develop your own gruppe building exercises whenever possible. No outside consulting company knows your people or your company culture as well as you do. You can do a variety of exercises or play a variety of sports as gruppe builders. Some people are concerned about using sports for ?team building, but successful exercises around golf can be designed, even for non-golfers. The Setup You need to select the style of play, pick an apzum vorteil vonpriate location, set the rules and start getting people excited about it. Style of Play Usually, your team will consist of people with very different golfing skill levels. Differing skill levels occur every day on the job, so this kind of team building exercise is appropriate. To accommodate the varying skill levels of your team members, I recommend playing a Scramble or more accurately Scramble Stroke.In a scramble, team members all hit each shot. They then decide which is the best shot and then all team members hit the next shot from that spot. It continues until the ball is in the hole. Stroke play counts the number of times the team hits the ball. The team with the lowest total wins.This style of play allows each team member contribute where they can. It helps everyone on the team feel like they are contributing, which is the same spirit you are trying to build at the workdistributionspolitik. You may find some of your better golfers hitting the best drives, but some of the newbies or non-golfers may turn out to be good at putting or chipping. Location Picking an appropriate location for the golfing team building exercise is very important. Many golf courses dont like non-golfers on the course. Some even prohibit it. Dont try to set this up at the country club or the nicest public course. Instead, try to find a municipal course or a small private course. You want one that has sho rt holes, and nine-hole courses are sufficient. (It would take too long for a group of any size to finish 18 holes, and it can be tiring if you arent used to it.)In addition to the course itself, consider club rentals, practice facilities, restaurant or banquet space, and meeting rooms. Non-golfers will need a few clubs. Usually, a rental set of clubs can even be split between two non-golfers as long as there are enough bags and putters. If the chosenlocation has a driving range and/or a putting green, the golfers can tune-up, and the non-golfers can be taught some basics. If you want to include lunch before the match or dinner afterward, you will need a place that serves food. Finally, you will need a meeting room so you can present the awards after the event and reinforce the team building. Many courses have activity directors who can work with you to make all the arrangements. Rules Usually the fewer rules, the better. Sometimes scramble golf is played that each player on the te am has to contribute at least 1-2 drives and 1-2 putts. This is to keep one good golfer on the team from hitting all the best ball shots for their team while their team members just watch. Unless you have low-handicap golfers.Put someone in each group who understands the rules of golf and course etiquette. They can keep the group moving. Set a maximum number of strokes per hole (usually 2-3 over par), so no group gets bogged down on a badeanstalt hole. Keep each team at or under four players if possible and make sure everyone has their own clubs and bag. Sharing equipment slows down play too much. The Buzz Once you have set all this up, start talking it up among the team. Let the golfers know that it will be a stroke scramble. Let the non-golfers know that they will be playing with at least one real golfer and that each shot is played from the best ball location. Let them all know that this is a team building event, not a golf tournament. The object is to have fun and build team spi rit and skill at working together. They are not trying to break the PGA record for the course. Reinforce Team Building With Awards Decide ahead of time what awards to hand out at the conclusion of the event. The course golf pro can help. A long-drive hole or a closest to the pin hole give the golfers something to shoot at. Identical prizes should be given to all team members of the team with the lowest score and of the second and third place teams. Humorous awards like most improved, worst duffer, shortest drive, most outlandish outfit, etc., can lighten the mood as well as give you a way to include more non-golfers in the prizes. Bottom Line A golf-based team building exercise can work for your people. It provides positive reinforcement of teamwork and lets them build inter-personal relationships that can help on the job.

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Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Customer Service Supervisor Resume

Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Customer Service Supervisor Resume But What About Customer Service Supervisor Resume? Each pieces are vital in deciding the success of the resume. A results-driven professional with an established history of exceeding objectives. Then match the essential experience and skills you have with the key tasks to be performed. If youve got a particular skill that youre proud of, but which has elendhing to do with the job for which youre applying, it is not regarded as an appropriate skill. Adaptability and capability to work under pressure. Strong Interpersonal communication abilities. Why Almost Everything Youve Learned About Customer Service Supervisor Resume Is Wrong But if you prefer to overtake the majority of the competition, you also must forfeit not merely your energy but likewise some of your savings. Google was the place to start. Express that youre honored to accept the opportunity, and the way you aspire to add to the success of the business. Education requirements will change based on the business and product being sold, but a lot of them require at least a high school diploma. Being a real customer service representative is not only about being relegated to call centers. Even if you just happen to neglect to incorporate the education section in the slightest. Service may not really require many technical skills. How to Find Customer Service Supervisor Resume Online I would like to start out with your company immediately. A couple of lines are sufficient. Next ensure use of good resume keywords. Be careful to construct the lines. Please tell us if you take a reasonable accommodation to submit an application for work or to execute your job. Supervisor you supervisorin seeking to learn to make effective supervisor objective for resume, this post will be helpful to you. Because it is a very relevant topic for the work seeker, theyre likely to keep on reading the job posting as soon as the info is pla ced here. You have to tailor your resume to the work offer. The manager paragraph ought to have relevant, descriptive information that enables you to differentiate yourself from other candidates. With diverse issues coming at your team from many angles, your job for a customer service supervisor is essential to maintaining your institutions reputation. To compose the objection section of a customer service resume, you will need to discover the key tasks to be carried out at work. Use the comprehensive customer service manager job description that will help you. Now you have reviewed the totally free customer service supervisor cover letter sample above, here are a few suggestions to help you while you write your own cover letter. Work aspirants should be on the lookout for a resume template as an alternative to a curriculum vitae template. In a resume the choice of a layout is crucial. There are lots of qualities within this expert customer service supervisor cover letter sa mple that you have to be sure you include in your letter. If you do decide to incorporate a link (like to your LinkedIn page) make certain its professional and something which youd be proud to show to a possible employer. To discover nearly all images throughout Elegant Customer Service Supervisor Resume photographs gallery you will need to adhere to this specific link. Below are 11 of our very best examples of consumer service resume objectives you may use in writing your resume. There are a lot of things to consider and most importantly, is the dependability of the service you decide to use. If youre applying for work, any answer you give will be kept private and wont be used against you in any manner. It has to be tailored each moment. If you previously get the job done for us, your answer wont be used against you in any manner. Then its likely that you might end up excluding some essential locations and such as other folks that arent that needed. We do hope you like kee ping here. Lets hope youll be able to think that its terrific. Getting in a position to listen carefully to clients concerns and doing your very best to resolve their problems is the 2nd most important aspect that it is possible to write about in your resume. Call center representatives hear a good deal of negativity, which means you must show that you are able to handle it. You cant just put in any information your heart desires.